Four pieces


We have been away for years,

how many rivers, how many forest, how many roads from here to your town

to your home?

I am drowning in a river,

I cannot find my direction in the forest

I am so drained to walk these never ending roads  

How long have I been here

in my lonely shell?

I want to go away,

to disappear

and leave no trace behind.


Years from now

miles from here

would you remember my face

if you see me again?

would you recall my name?

would you hold my hand?

I live in hope and tears until then.


Some times a man

will come my way

I will fall in love with him

but he will leave me

when I still be lovin him

that’s the way it is. 

No blame girl

don’t think you went wrong

you will do it again and again

that’s the way it is.


You were in your black suit

I put my red dress on

you wore the red tie to match my redness

you put the cufflinks on

and fasten my gold chain behind my neck

gently rock me in your arms,

 “you look wonderful baby” I whispered

and I wished deep down in my heart

that I could stay with you forever. 

The years fly by so quickly

it’s all over

I am all alone

.you are gone as are all these years

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