What a heartbreaker the world can be

You won't be free of being alone until death 

Last tango in Paris is somehow a depressing movie, but watching it again, even on Saturday worth definitely. I still think this movie has been the most liberating one that I have ever seen and without a doubt Marlon Brando is the greatest actor of all time. 

Last tango in Paris is about emotion, about need, about loneliness, about lost and confused people. Every time I watched this movie, bunch of questions about emotional relationship raised up in my mind. Maybe the most disturbing one is that what the sex is about? It is not absolutely just a physical desire causes by hormones, but then why sex with anonymous?!! 

How dare and brilliant was Bernardo Bertolucci to make this film 35 years ago.

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وای... موافقم باهات!!!


I haven't watched it yet. When I do, I will let you know what I think about it. I need to be in a good mood though when I am watching it (depressing movies and I is not a very good combination).