Moon, my beautiful moon

What is it about the sky at night, about those stars, shinning and dancing? What is it about the moon?  Some nights youthful and lustrous, with a nice curve all around her body just as a young new bride. Other nights glorious and full-grown, elegant as a woman in her 30s. Moon, like a woman at any age always glamorous and stunning. Those star dancing in distance, in faraway, some shoulder to shoulder, some solely.

Ah I just love to stare at the sky all night long. Staring at those stars propels me to my past, to the old memories, to my childhood, to those nights sleeping on the roof inside the mosquito net. Preparing the mosquito net was our Babas’s responsibility; our Mamas took care of putting mattress in special order according to our height or gender. Kids helped them to bring pillows and sheets from inside the house. With my cousins we wrestled on those cold sheets, (I still remember how pleasant was that coldness) and we laughed loudly and freely, from bottom of our heart, we laughed genuinely. Our Mamas kept “hushing” us; eventually we laid and started to count stars and whisper to each other in a way that adults could not hear us “when I grow up I want to be a teacher and have four kids, two daughters and two sons. And I want to marry a man who is much bigger than me. Who do you want to marry?”  I asked my cousin. “huum I like a man with mustache, not much taller than myself” my cousin replied.  We kept talking and giggling until the vast sky becomes a line to our eyes and we were not able to keep our eye lids open anymore. How innocent were we, how honest. How beautiful our life was, how simple!!!

 Sometimes early in the morning started to rain, with eyes half opened we grabbed our pillow and run inside the house. When did we grow up? And not even noticed? How did it happen?

Baba once showed me three stars next to each other and he told me these are his stars, portraying his three children, Amir, Golnaz and me.  He said no matter where we will end up living, any time he looks up at the sky and sees those stars shinning he will know that we are there for him although in a far away?

What’s the mystery about the sky at night? It makes me happy, it takes me to old days, it makes me nostalgic, it makes me remember my cousin smile, it brings tears to my eyes, it makes me dream,  it reminds me of my Baba, my brother and my sister, it makes me smile.

Here in the island stars appear too close, I just want to raise my hand and bring them down one by one, I sometimes want to twist my arm around the moon. Every night before going to bed I go stand outside and look at the sky. I want to recall my childhood and I want to see those three stars next to each other to make sure that even though Baba is far away every night before going to bed he looks up to the sky and sees his three stars together in the sky, I know this makes him smile.



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You just made me cry. That was very beautiful

agha siamak

It's good to see you back in here